The Meditation App

Being able to bring awareness to your breath and refocus your attention on the present moment can help you manage stress, reduce anxiety, and feel more energized.


- Plays one audio podcast at a time.

- Plays audio at the background while you are navigating the app.

- Downloaded audio is cached within the app and is not accessible outside the app.

- Playlist: Automatically plays the next audio podcast when the current one is finished playing.

- Speed control settings to control audio playback speed.

When life gets chaotic, finding time to sit down, let alone meditate, may seem unrealistic. The good news? You don’t need hours or even much experience to benefit from a daily practice of meditation.

The Meditation Podcast App are filled with guided meditations, inspirational quotes, and expert interviews on topics related to yoga, health, stress, sleep, and so much more. Whatever your needs are, there is something for everyone in these top picks. The app will help you learn more about the basics of meditation and make meditation easier.